Cooking Fever Cheats – Your chance on an unlimited crystal supply

Will I get caught using the cooking fever cheats?

NO, you wont ever get caught using this cooking fever cheats tool. The team of programmers made sure there are as many security measures integrated as needed to ensure youre account is save. So they programmed them in many hours of hard work. As they said the security is the most important part when it comes to hack tools and they are completely right. Without these security features the Cooking fever cheats would be completely useless.

The available security features for cooking fever cheats are a integrated proxy server which is used to connect to the games database server. All of the sent data gets encrypted also to make it even safer for you to not get detected generating the gems. Last but not least the generated Gems are hidden behind various in-app purchases. These features makes it nearly 100% safe for u to use the cooking fever hack.
Cooking Fever cheats features:

  • easy user-interface.
  • easy to use.
  • steady updates.
  • unlimited gems.
  • unlimited gold.
  • proxy connection.
  • encryptes data.

About Cooking fever Hack

The Cooking fever hack I’m introducing to you is by far the onliest working one around the net. It’s completely free to use and useable from your browser. As there is no download required you dont have to worry that anything will hurt your device. The Cooking fever hack is compatible to every device as well as game version. It will make you able to generate unlimited amounts of Gold and Gems in Cooking Fever. It’s a very powerful tool for every Cooking fever player as you now will be able to complete the game without investing real money. You also become able to generate your many Restaruants as youd like to. Normally these beautiful decorations are very expensive as they are only avaialble for gems. Another benefit of the cooking fever cheats is that it will speed up the game a lot, because you wont ever have to wait for the energy to refill as you can just fill it up with your free gems. All in all this cooking fever hack is very benefical for everyone of you and you should make use of it as fast as you can.

About cooking fever in general

Cooking Fever is a mobile game published by Nordcurrent. Nordcurrent is the leading developer in cooking games. These games like cooking fever are known as time managment games as the aim of the game is to server your guests within a certain time. To get the most out of it you have to serve them as fast as you can and if you’re fast enough the guest will leave you a tip. These tips are very important as the difficulty level of the games rises fast. You will need to upgrade your kitchen in regularly intervals to be able to complete the levels successful. The game is split up into several chapters every chapter plays in a different restaurant at a different location with different dishes. For example at the beginning you start in a small restauraunt in a mall. Later on in the game you will have a restaurant at the beach or a Pizzeria. All of these restaurants need to be upgraded as this costs much money. The guys have thought to make you able to generate them on your own right from your browser with just a few mouseclicks. This tool is getting called cooking fever cheats and is gold worth for everyone of you playing the game.


As conclusion I can only recommend you to make use of the Cooking Fever hack as you will have much more fun in the game playing it with a little help as this tool offers you.